A Liberal Azure Lorica


Azure Lorica has gone through a whole year and a half of revamping. From the brands to the operation of our organization, it has gutted the best and the worst of us, to publish what we now are.

Previously, there was Azure Lorica, then Ninja-Con, Drift Plume, and Triskele Press. Each acted as their own entity, managing a great sort of Artists. For years, the organization had Radio Dramas, Anime Artists, and Game Reviewers. It allowed a vaudeville of talents to spread their reach and gain opportunity like none before. There was nothing wrong with it…until everything became political.

For one reason or other, not everyone agreed in the new mission of Azure Lorica, to support social justice through art. Some had religious reasons, others had personal conviction – either way, the move to become a more liberal organization placed Azure Lorica in the hot seat by the community they served. This all happened after the 45th President went into office.

For the next year and a half, we, as the current Azure Lorica, have placed the brand of the company over every program and operation – to instill the mission, to bring unity, for the sake of the cause. From here on out, everything is Azure Lorica: 

  • Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards, as our annual festival;
  • Azure Lorica Foundation, as our production institute;
  • And last, but not least, Azure Lorica Magazine, as our publishing network.

We will miss Ninja-Con, Drift Plume, and Triskele Press; but, we are more proud to be part of a steadfast organization that advocates for LGBT(QIAPK), Mental Health Awareness, and the Artists who support the loving society we need today.

Please subscribe today, for more info and updates to come at: azure-lorica.com

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