Open for Submission: 2019 Spring

Azure Lorica's eMagazine is open for submission! This quarterly online magazine is fresh with the most updated content from Azure Lorica's events. Welcoming not only the Filmmakers and Artists that have honored us with their amazing interviews and productions, but is now also opening its doors to the Poets and Writers that would like to join Azure Lorica's cause.

For those new to the program, Azure Lorica supports Social Justice Through Art. This promises that whatever the event or publication, the goal returns to aiding the community to fight social injustices. Currently, FanFilm Awards is fighting bullying, with its fanfiction festival at Pasadena, CA. At this event, filmmakers, scriptwriters, and local Celebrities attend to support the Antibullying Campaign, and bring awareness to its audience. Photos and articles will be published from this event, and we encourage further submissions before the 2019 Spring Issue is released.

To submit your writing to the Azure Lorica eMagazine, click the button below:

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